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External size :     W2230*D450*H1800MM     36 peoples use

Single case size:W280*D440*H260MM

Advantage: a remote control can manage all cabinet, relaxed a key fix.

The domestic leading IC card management mode, through remote control the ark directly into the management background clear box door, match card and emergency work, such as sales card avoids damage caused by a cabinet buttons can be managed worry, also held cabinet appearance tidiness.


1、IC card has antimagnetic, antistatic, durability strong, good graphs.

2、system applies to have used IC card system of units, such as: "all-in-one-card", "Yang cheng tong" and various kinds of IC card, etc.

3、LCD real-time operating time to show, status display and phonological operation guide, a master ark can bring more extended ark.

4、powerful networking management control or independent control functions; Even completely de-energized, also can connect special channel cupboard door open.


Save bag: charge - open the door - add items - close the door

Take bag: charge - open the door - remove items - close the door

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