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RZ-MM8 8doors

External dimensions: W900 * D450 * H1800MM   8 people with
Single-frame size: W 260 * D440 * H400MM
1, the password set :4 - 10-bit password be set up, security is very high.
2, work status: working status LED display, low voltage alarm.
3, the open mode: Press to set the password management password to open the cabinet or lock.
4, the emergency mode: power consumption of external power supply can be used after the emergency unlock; forget your password, the password can be managed
Open the door; management available code hopping password forgot to open the door, no lock picking.
Product Category:
1, open since the password cabinet: door is unlocked, the user set their own password and lock the door, Password to open the door once the failure; deposit bag for guests to use.
2, stand-alone cabinet since the password: door is locked, a user with administrator set the password to open the door, Password to open the door to continue in force; for someone to use office space.
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