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External dimensions:W900 * D450 * H1800MM 12 people with
Single-frame size:   W250 * D440 * H410MM

Coin cabinet features

、with a management key to switch all the cabinets, with the emergency door,          

lock installation maintenance function。         
、imported stainless steel locks, identify counterfeit features, difficult to      

duplicate outside with a key customer, with the cylinder-one

correspondence,Security is very high, with accurate, lock cylinder can be replaced。

3、can be set to 1 - 3 coins to use charges, the cost of office equipment is         

、can also set the coin that is free of charge。
instructions for use

deposit bag
open the door into the items --- lock to take the key coin
Take the package
Insert the key to open the door --- retrieve the bag, coins (coin    


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